About Fine Art 360

Fine Art 360 is circling the globe to discover art which both inspires and humbles the discerning collector. We bring you a global collection of artists who not only live and work worldwide, but who create masterpieces that are more global than regional. The work of our carefully chosen artists appeals to an audience which lives and thinks beyond the confines of national borders. We have carefully chosen artists and artwork which transcend the norm with the intention of opening windows of opportunity which provide 360 degree views.

If you know what you are looking to acquire, we can help you find it. If you need help building your collection, we can advise you and assist you. We will come to your home or business to suggest works that fit you and your environment. Our ability to source work from artists worldwide is the foundation of our consultative services—we aren’t limited to the art in our gallery. FineArt360 lives up to its global name—we search throughout the world in order to meet your needs. Our consultants can work with you to devise an acquisition plan to achieve the look and feel you desire.  Fine Homes deserve Fine Art!

Our Insight:

We recognize the many roles that an art collection can serve over generations and are attuned to the shades of distinction which intermingle during the process of building an enviable collection.  FineArt360 is honored by the loyalty of our lifelong clients.  With the launch of our innovative online FineArt360 Gallery, we can now extend VIP member benefits to collectors living worldwide.  Contact your FineArt360 Consultant to discuss our VIP program.  Selecting an advisor to escort your through the acquisition of art is a choice you cannot afford to misjudge.  FineArt360 stands ready to assist you in this important endeavor.

The Meaning within Our Name:

Our owners blended the two prime features of our business—Fine Art and 360 together into our indelible name:  FineArt360.  360 means when you consider any decision in life, examine the options from all angles, consider your choices from 360 degrees.  At FineArt360 we literally embrace that 360-degree approach we realize that you, your life and your future are not one-dimensional.  Your 360 degree world is a highly interconnected sphere.  Therefore, your art collection should reflect all of the facets of your perspective.

The 360 viewpoint also underscores our desire to present and support spiritual artists who create art which evokes a greater understanding of the work of God and the beauty of the natural world. For many of our artists, their work is more than just canvas or bronze; their work is intended to promote spiritual advancement, awareness and harmony.  Imagine a world filled with 360 degrees of unity.  The artwork of fineArt360 is not limited to a Biblical perspective, but expands the viewer’s understanding of spiritual and Biblical concepts.

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